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This is the GTYFCA attendance policy that has been filed with the Central Texas Youth Football League (CTYFL). It is in full effect for all division and is outlined in this memo:

Tackle Football:

Miss 1 day of practice – lose 25% of plays.

  • Small teams are required 16 plays per game. Player will lose 4 plays
  • Large teams are required 20 plays per game Player will lose 5 plays

Miss 2 day of practice – lose 50% of plays.

  • Small teams are required 16 plays per game. Player will lose 8 plays
  • Large teams are required 20 plays per game Player will lose 10 plays

Miss 3 day of practice – lose 100% of plays.

  • Small teams are required 16 plays per game. Player will lose 16 plays
  • Large teams are required 20 plays per game Player will lose 20 plays


Flag Football:

  • Miss 1 day of practice – lose 50% of touches.
  • Miss 2 day of practice – lose 100% of touches.

GTYFCA goal is to give each player the maximize plays we can but missing practice means the player will not know what to do and could be seriously hurt. Therefore, these rules are in place to protect each player. Which is GYTFCA #1 priority. Any questions can be directed to



Here is the practice schedule for the season:

Senior Tackle: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-8pm

Junior Tackle: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 6pm-730pm

Rookie Tackle: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Pee Wee Tackle: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm-8pm

Rookie Flag: Monday and Wednesday 6pm-730pm Friday 6pm-7pm

Pee Wee Flag: Monday and Thursday 6pm-730pm

Cheer : Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 6pm-730om

For more information or question email


Varsity Football has arrived!!

If you have a player wanting to start playing  and/or get ready for High School Football and is 13 years old by July 31st then Varsity Football is for you!! 

Tackle requirements and fees are the same as all tackle division. 

For more information please email 


GTYFCA is proud to provide another season of tackle, flag football and cheerleading through CTYFL.

Tackle Football Fees:


7 on 7 and Flag Fees:


Cheerleading Fees:


The age groups (as of 7/31/2021) & divisions for fall are:

Pee Wee Flag (4-5 yrs old)

Rookie Flag (6-8 yrs old)

Junior 7on7 (9-10 yrs old)

Senior 7on7 (11-12 yrs old)


Pee Wee Tackle (5-6 yrs old with 75 lb limit)

Rookie Tackle ( 7-8 yrs old)

Junior Tackle (9-10 yr old)

Senior Tackle (11-12 yr old)

Varsity (13 yrs old)

Cheerleaders 4-13

If a Cheerleader has a sibling Football Player, they will cheer for their sibling's team. 

Included in fall registration for football are game-day jersey, game-day pants and socks .

Players will have to provide their own helmet (must be white), mouth-guard, shoulder pads and cleats.

Parents, please start gathering your paperwork now. The required paperwork is:

1. State-Issued Birth Certificate
2. Current Physical (blank form can be printed from Forms page)
3. Medical Release Form (can be printed from Forms page)
4. Spectator Behavior Form (can be printed from Forms page)
5. Photo of Your Child (taken at the first practice)

All paperwork is due BY AUGUST 10 or your child will not practice until it’s turned in. This ensures that GTYFCA has ample time to sort through and collect the paperwork to make sure it’s correct for certification day.  There will be a cut off date (it will be posted at a later time). After that date, no other paperwork will be accepted and your child will be unable to participate in the Spring season.

* GTYFCA has a no refund policy. During registration, you have the opportunity to purchase registration insurance through AIG. We strongly recommend you purchase this insurance.

Mission Statement

To provide for the youth of the Georgetown area a safe, healthy, and enjoyable environment in which to learn football and cheerleading basic fundamentals, sportsmanship, self-pride, discipline and team spirit. We are a Non profit organization.

We are here to provide you and your family with the best youth football and cheer experience possible! We are proud to bring you a group of highly accomplished coaches and administrators.

GTYFCA is a Proud Member of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce

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Contact Us

Georgetown Youth Football & Cheer Association

Proud Member of CTYFL

Registration for [Member Association] football/cheerleading is open to all children, ages 4 - 12 for football and ages 4 - 13 for cheerleaders.  Registration must remain open until [no earlier than Official Draft Day] and all who register by this date must be accepted as long as they make required payments, provide required CTYFL documents and meet all other CTYFL eligibility requirements.  No try-outs will be held - all children who register for [Member Association] football or cheerleading will play.  Violations of this CTYFL policy will not be tolerated.  Please report any violation of this policy to the CTYFL Executive Vice President at:  You can find them at

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